Kebab Hindi (كباب هندي)

Today we’ve got a Syrian dish for you guys. Its called kebab hindi, meaning Indian kebab, keeping in mind, this is a Syrian dish :P. Here’s what: 2 Kg of tomatoes, 1/2 kg of minced meat, some pine seeds, 1 … Continue reading

Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

  It’s very rare to find a lasagna recipe that is light, satisfying, and delicious all at the same time.  And when that happens, well, you lock that recipe in a box and stuff it in a safe with a … Continue reading

A Latin Dish

Here comes an other recipe your way! And guess what?! Its super easy, and not to mention delicious! We assure you, this is a dish you will love. No joke.

Date cake ( Tamr cake )

Hey there! Do we have a treat for you today! Well, let us just get right to it. But first we wanna thank our guest Jude for filling in for us, she did awesome! Now back to the purpose of … Continue reading