Kebab Hindi (كباب هندي)

Today we’ve got a Syrian dish for you guys. Its called kebab hindi, meaning Indian kebab, keeping in mind, this is a Syrian dish :P. Here’s what: 2 Kg of tomatoes, 1/2 kg of minced meat, some pine seeds, 1 … Continue reading

Chocolate Macarons!

My friends, the time has come for us to talk about french macarons. Macarons are tricky, and it takes about 2,937,498 tries to get them right. (Okay, maybe not to that extent, but close.) It has been quite a journey. … Continue reading

Pecan and Apple Cupcakes

Pecan and Apple Cupcakes

At the end of July, it was our father’s birthday, and we had to make something delish for him. Now, our dad isn’t really a chocolate person. He’s more into things with nuts and fruits. We racked our brains and … Continue reading

Raspberry Cream Pie

So other day we were feeling really raspberry-ey. And oreo-ey. We made a little something that’s a combination, something that looks like this.. A raspberry cream pie, with oreo crust!  Using very simple ingredients. This is taken from The Pioneer … Continue reading