Easy Peesy Cheesecake

Hello there. It’s been a while. It was my turn (Cookie) to post. And I sorta slacked off.. Well, no. I didn’t slack off. I had assignments and projects and all that fun stuff. (Cookie, stop making excuses.) (Be quiet … Continue reading

Pecan and Apple Cupcakes

Pecan and Apple Cupcakes

At the end of July, it was our father’s birthday, and we had to make something delish for him. Now, our dad isn’t really a chocolate person. He’s more into things with nuts and fruits. We racked our brains and … Continue reading

Date cake ( Tamr cake )

Hey there! Do we have a treat for you today! Well, let us just get right to it. But first we wanna thank our guest Jude for filling in for us, she did awesome! Now back to the purpose of … Continue reading

Strawberry Yogurt Cake (Guest Blogger)


Helloo There!! Today is number 13 in the Ramadan calendar. Wow the days pass by fast! Ramadan is always an excitement. And the kitchen is always busy! Everyone has a part in preparing for the iftar. It’s nice seeing the family members running around the kitchen as one pours the water into the cups and the other gives out dates. Someone might put out the plates or help with a dish. And finally Allahu Akbar (God is the GREATEST) the adan is sounded and whether or not we’re finished with preparing for iftar everyone sits down and  dig in to there meal. Continue reading