Msabaha, AKA Hummus.


Aaaaaah, the magic of Hummus.

Being of a syrian family, this is what we call “Msabaha”.

Today, we are doing something never to be done before… Sharing our secret recipe of Msabaha (hummus).

My father considers the making of hummus an ART. Which it truly is.

We never usually measure our ingredients. We always just estimate the right amount, then we taste.

Thats why its an art, it took me a while to learn to perfect it. Actually, it took me a while to get the thumbs up from my dad. He doesn’t joke when it comes to this stuff.

I am willing to go on and tell you more, but I know your not here for that, your here for the HUMMUS!

Here’s How:

First thing’s first, buy the chick peas (or Hummus in arabic).


Next, place around 1/2 kg, a little more, of them in a bowl. Then add water.

Add in a few tsp of baking soda.

Do this the night before you want to serve your hummus.


Now let it sit over night.

This is done to prepare the chickpeas for cooking.

Next morning.

Get rid of the water in the bowl.

Place the chickpeas in a pot, and fill it with water. Add baking soda to the pot.

Leave it to boil.


Keep them on the stove top, keep them boiling.

Just make sure to check on them frequently, so it wont over flow when boiling.

The time you leave them varies.

We tend to leave them on the stove till the chick peas are super soft when you bite into one of them.

So every now and then, take one out, and try it.


Here is where the true fun begins …

Take around 5 cups of your done chick peas.


Add a little less than one cup of sesame paste, tahini.


Now mix it using your food processor.


Add in the juice of one lemon ( or less, according to taste)


Then add in crushed garlic (again to taste). 3/4 of a tsp.


Now its just a matter of you mixing and tasting.

It needs to work for you. If you feel like u dont taste the garlic enough add in some more.

or even the lemon or tahini.

But remember this, you can always add, but never take away.

Finally, the most important thing. If you feel something is missing, but have no clue what. ADD SALT!

You have no clue how much of a difference it makes.

Let the salt be your last approach.


When you have finally come to peace with the ratios and taste of your hummus, its time to serve!


Now, this looks great and all, but we NEVER serve our hummus naked.

Heres what we do.


We mix our olive oil with some chopped almonds over a stove top.


You MUST keep mixing, or else you could easily burn them!


It wont take too long before they transform into this beautiful color.

Then you need to take them off the heat ASAP!

Place over your lonely hummus.


Next, chop some tomatoes, and place them on top!




Im so glad I’ve been able to let you see the light.

Isn’t it wonderful?!

This is the authentic hummus.

The real deal.

My father tells us stories of his childhood, when he would go to the hummus shop and it would make his entire day.

He describes the way the man would wrap it for him, and the way he would stuff it with tomatoes, and drizzle with olive oil.

The smile on his face when describing it just says it all.

Simply said, this hummus is more than just a dish in our family, its tradition.

Its served with love and passion, and nothing else.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Lots of love,


Here is the printable recipe PDF.


OH! Please, please, please, if you have any questions about the hummus, ask!

Ask us in the comments, and we promise to reply ASAP.

One thought on “Msabaha, AKA Hummus.

  1. Very nice. Thanks for this post. I am part Syrian and this is very helpful to learn about Syrian traditions. :-)

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