Here comes an other  dessert.


This is the most common arab dessert you can find. I doubt there will be any one who doesnt know what knafeh is!


youve missed out on A LOT!

Here’s What:


Yes its as simple as only having 4 ingredients!

(Recipe credits go to our sister in-law!)

Here’s How:

Youll need 500 grams of knafeh dough ( or so they call it, its more like umm, how do i describe this?! brb, ill get messy sister 2 to help me out)

Ok, she really didn’t want to help me out… I guess there arent much words to describe it.

So you take your 500 g (almost 1 lb) of the dough, and put it into your food processor.

Like so…


And then just work it!


It’ll look something like this…

next, melt your 225 g (1/2 lb) of butter.


Next just place your melted butter over your shredded knafeh dough in a bowl. MIX!



Now that your done with the dough, lets move on to our stuffing! CHEESE!

For this you should try to get a hold of the sweetest cheese you can find.

We used “Akawi” cheese, this is a slightly salty cheese. What we do is we leave it soaked in water for a while, and then rinse. We repeat this process until the cheese is good enough to be used for sweets.

If you live in the states, or canada, Chicago cheese is the best.

Take your 225 g (1/2 lb) of cheese and grate it.



Next take 115 ml of cream and mix it in.

It will look like this.


If you find it too thick you could always add some milk.


Now lets get started with the layering.

Get your pan.

place half of your knafeh dough into it.

Make sure to press it in tight.


next, your cheese.


Next, place whats left of the knafeh dough over the cheese mix, again pressing it down.



Now just place it in your oven, until golden all over.


It just looks soooooooo good.


Here, we put the syrup all over, so we can have the knafeh suck it all in! Mmmmm, heavenly…

you can find the recipe for the syrup down below.



I seriously can’t begin to tell you how amazingly heavenly it is.

That wonderful crunch, with that velvety creamy center…

In on word: PERFECTION!

Here’s the recipe I took from my sister in-law, this is a pic she gave me of the recipe from her cook book.

This was double the portion. It is A LOT. Simply because, us Arabs tend to have HUGE dinner parties.


So here’s the recipe.


– 500 g of knafa dough

– 225 g of butter

– 225 g of unsalted cheese ( akawi or chicago)

– 115 ml of fresh creme


Grind the knafa dough using your food processor.

Mix the butter with the knafa dough in a large bowl.

Take your cheese and grate it.

Mix the cheese with the cream.

Now in the pan, layer!

First place half the dough and press it down.

Next layer the cheese over the dough.

Finally, layer what the remaining dough over the cheese.

Now just pop it into your oven.

Leave it there until golden brown.

Shower it with syrup.

Serve, enjoy, and try not to eat the whole thing on your own!

We really hope you try this.

Its way to delish to miss out on!

See you in our next post,

Lots of love,

The messy sisters <3

3 thoughts on “Knafeh

  1. Hey,

    I just found your site while searching for a knafeh recipe and I really want to try yours! But I can’t find the recipe for syrup anywhere. Can you please help me out? Thank you :)

    • Hello, thanks for stopping by!
      To make syrup: In a pot, mix equal portions of sugar and water (for example, one cup sugar, one cup water) and place on a stovetop. While mixing, bring it to a boil to the consistency of syrup. Before taking it off the stove, squeeze in a few drops of lemon, this is done so the syrup will not harden. And that’s it!
      We will try to post a tutorial ASAP, please tell us how the knafeh turns out if you make it!
      We appreciate your interaction :)

      -The Messy Sisters

      • Thank you for your quick reply!
        Other recipes suggest to add rose or orange water to the syrup.I am not sure what tastes more authentically? I once tried Knafeh in Middle East (Palestine) and it was heavenly! And I really want to recreate it :)

        I will tell you instantly how it worked out then

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