Eid & Gift Updates!


Eid Mubarak!!!

The greatest time of the year.

Everyone looks forward to it, whether young, or old. The spirit of Eid makes us all feel like children again.

So first things first


We were seeing beautiful tissue paper flowers all over pinterest.

We decided that they were the perfect addition to our Eid decorations. And they were!

Here’s what they looked like


They were ridiculously easy to make!


If you like these and want us to post a tutorial, please comment below.

Now lets get back to the gifting:

The girls,

We had the chalkboard frames ready, all we needed was our goody boxes.

Where we live, this stuff is costly, so we actually got a few cupcake boxes from tchibo to substitute.

These came in a set of four boxes for the same price we would usually pay to get one.


And boy were these boxes cute.


Next, the obvious, we placed shredded tissue paper in the bottom of the box.


filled it up with goodies. yum.

Here is where we personalized each box:


We picked out a cute accessory for each girl.

wrapped them in clear bags with ribbons.

Put more tissue paper over the junk food, and placed the accessory on top.

DSC_0648 DSC_0645

We were tempted to just take all the accessories for ourselves. We behaved.

Now for the boys…

Are we the only ones who find it extremely hard to find something for boys?

Well, we found it!


Again, we got these cute lunch box sets from tchibo. (LOVE that place)

We figured, school is coming.

Instead of just putting them into boxes that would be thrown away, they could reuse these.

DSC_0679 DSC_0684

Did we say cute?

well, CUTE!

Here are what the final girl gifts looked like:

DSC_0690 DSC_0714

Now, the dads again.

Back to the dilemma of not knowing what to gift them!


We got them small baskets, and filled them up with little chocolates and candy.

After all, who in their right mind would not like chocolate?!

On the day of Eid, here is how we surprised the girls:

DSC_0741 DSC_0739

They had to go into the room and search for their names.

The chalkboards were such a hit!

We were so pleased to see they enjoyed them!

so here is what we did later on in the day

we had a photo shoot!

These boards were more fun than we expected!



Eid mubarak!


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