Mnazalet Ahmar (منزلة أحمر )-Guest blogger


Mnazalet ahmar is an easy popular Syrian dish. In Ramadan my mother is always looking for something not too dry to make. Someone who is fasting all day wants to eat something wet and juicy. That is why mnazalet ahmar is made more than once through the holy month.

This dish is soo simple. There are only 5 ingredients for this heavenly dish.

To start out with i used three cans of “Hunts” diced tomatoes.Image

I put them in a pan and on the stove for two hours on low fire. Put the cover over your pan and occasionally stir every 15 mins.


In another pan put 2 TBS of vegetable oil and brown 1 KG or 1/2 lb of ground beef.


Wash a handful of cilantro and take 2 TBS of garlic and put it into the meat once the meat has browned. Mix for two mins.

Combine the meat with the tomatoes. Serve with rice. Bon Apetite :)


Mnazalet Ahmar


3 cans of dices tomatoes. 411 grams (14.5 oz)

1 KG (1/2 lb) ground beef

Handful of cilantro

2 TBS garlic

Rice (optional)

1- In a pan pour the three cans of diced tomatoes. Put the pan on the stove on a low fire for two hours. Cover the pan and stir the tomatoes every 15 mins.

2- In a pan put 2 TBS of vegetable oil (canola oil). Brown the ground beef.

3- Wash the cilantro and peel the garlic. Once the ground beef is browned mix in the cilantro and garlic on a low fire for two mins.

4- Finally when the tomatoes are done mix in the meat.

5-Serve with rice.


Though this is a very simple recipe don’t let that fool you into thinking the taste isn’t as great!! This dish is one of my favorites! Make sure to try and tell us what you think is the comments below!

And hope to see you next time in our next blog! :)

A friend of the sisters,



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