Aunt’s Fancy Jello


Here comes an other recipe…

This recipe is one we took from our aunt. It’s been a favorite of ours since as long as we can remember…

So when we were old enough to actually make it ourselves, we took the recipe from her.

Oh how wonderful that day was. That meant we could make it whenever we wanted! (which happens to be quite frequently…)

This is a light dessert, easy to make, and absolutely positively delicious!

I dont think there is anyone who doesn’t like it…

So lets just get to the point, shall we?

Heres what:


Heres How:

First things first, make your jello as described on the jello box.

We were smart enough to forget to take a picture of the first step. No need to thank us…

Just put it into the refrigerator, it should be in a bowl (just saying).

Next, get a 9″ x 13″ pan.

Take half of one cool whip box and spread it on the bottom of the pan.

like so…


Then take the lady finger biscuits and arrange them on top.


Next just get any juice you have, and dot it onto the biscuits. Make sure to have enough, but not too much. If you over-do this you will have mushy biscuits, trust us, you don’t want mushy biscuits.


Next, take whats left of the cool whip (1.5 boxes) and spread it on top of the biscuits.

And most importantly… try not to have half of the cream while doing so. (Trust me, easier said than done!)


Next take the fruits, and cut them


Next lay them over the cool whip

Try to make some sort of design with them, because they will be seen. If you do, it would look great through the jello. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.


Now when this is done just place it into the fridge.

Next you need to keep checking on your jello.

It will have to be in a thick consistency, but not completely solid.

heres what it should look like when you try to move it.



This part is VERY important. It should be thick enough to lay onto the cool whip without it seeping through the layers, and mixing in with the cool whip.

Keeping in mind it shouldn’t be too thick, otherwise you wont get that nice clean surface on the top of your dessert.

Next just place it all into the pan and return it into the fridge.

(the camera’s battery died, so we don’t have footage of it before going into the fridge)

It will have to stay in the fridge for about 4 hours minimum.

Here is what it looks like after half of it was gone!

(Aren’t we the best at forgetting to take photos)


So there you have it.

Trust me, this recipe is worth trying. Its easy and fast, not to mention DELICIOUS!

Hope you enjoyed this.

See you in the next post.

Lots of love,

~ The Messy Sisters. (There is two of us btw, MS 1 and MS 2 )



2   Boxes of jelly, any flavor you like ( Each box should serve 2 cups of jello)

2   Cool Whip jugs

Finger Biscuits

Fruits (optional)


– Make the 2 packs of jello in a large bowl, then place in the fridge.

– In a 9″ x 13″ pan spread 1/2 jug of cool whip.

– Arrange the finger biscuits on top.

– Take any juice you have, and wet the biscuits ( drops)

– Take all the remaining cool whip and place on top.

– Cut the fruits into thin slices.

– Place the fruits, nicely, over the cool whip.

– Place the pan into the fridge for the time being.

– check on jello, it shouldn’t be liquidy, but thick enough to lay over the cool whip without mixing.

– If the jello is ready, just spread it into the pan, over the remaining layers.

– Place into the fridge, leave for 4 hours (minimum)

– EAT!

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