Eid Gifting


We are blessed to be living in the same city as most of our family. This means, more Eid gifts to think about.

We absolutely love everything about Eid gifting. We love planning the gifts out, putting them all together, but most importantly, seeing people’s faces light up when they open them.

So why not come along with us for the ride?

So this year our thoughts were: how can we out-do last year’s Eid gift?

Now that’s a tough one.

So we did like the average person, and searched Pinterest.

As expected, we were inspired. The many photos and posts with chalkboard crafts were mesmerising.

So, we went to Ace and grabbed ourselves a can of chalkboard paint, and a few cans of spray paint in pastel colors.


Then we went to Daiso (Japanese store, with the lowest prices) and got some white frames.

First thing we had done was the spray paint. Once we were done with them, no one would guess we got them from Daiso.DSC_0039


Then we Painted the glass of the frames with the chalkboard paint…


The only issue is, we have to wait 3 days for us to be able to use chalk onto them.

Next, when both are dried, look at how cute they were when placed together…


Now these gifts are meant to be for girls of the ages 10 – 22, yes that is a very wide range. That just comes to tell you how great this works for all ages. The older girls can hang it in their rooms, write down a to do list. While the younger ones just draw onto them.

This project was loads of fun, and easy to make. It is now one of my favorite projects I have done so far.

So to anyone looking for a gift, whether it be a teenage girl, or a twenty year old, trust me, this is a winner.

The price of each from doesn’t exceed $3! That in our opinion is crazy!

For the moms:

We decided to get jars and use the same chalkboard theme. Once again, these jars were from Daiso.


We decided we wanted the whole jar to be chalkboard, but only one part shouldn’t. That part we decided would take the shape of a heart.

In our heads, it was an amazing idea! Little did we know that it was easier said then done.


We decided to cut out a heart and stick it to the front, that would be our stencil. It worked fine initially, but the paint got through the paper.

The only hard part was the clean  up, you need to neaten the edges of the heart.

We also tried cutting a heart out of masking tape and placing it onto the jar.

Then we just decided to paint them ourselves, which was probably the best way.


We still havent tried them out, it hasn’t been 3 days yet.

Just like the frames these jars hardly cost $3 each!

Hope you enjoyed this post, there will be more to come.

Please tell us what you think, and if you have any great ideas for us, we would love to hear them! (we are serious about that btw)

Thanks for actually reading till here (unless you skipped to the end, if you did, then go back to the start! no cheating!)

Talk to you in the next post,

Lots of Love,

-The Messy Sisters.


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